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about ME

Ebone Brogdon

I am the woman behind this promising brand I have created for all of you. My name is Eboné Brogdon, I am the Founder and CEO of Ébloui Lash Boutique.

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about Ébloui

Ébloui Lash Boutique was created to provide people with affordable, luxury lashes. As we embark on this exciting journey in the beauty community, we plan to take the initiative to accommodate people's needs by enforcing high standards on the quality and affordability of luxury lashes sold in our industry. I have found a solution to deliver affordable prices without compromising quality, ethical production, and the safety of all parties involved through extensive research. I want to be realistic with our prices, giving you a better option that allows you to indulge. I have also studied many different styles, making strategic selections of lashes offered here at Ébloui Lash Boutique. Every lash has the power to compliment every eye shape and personality. We want people to feel confident in our styles and knowing our brand has your best interest at heart. 

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